Vera K

(35 - born and based in Amsterdam)

Coming from a creative family I saw art everywhere, all the time. So, the decision of joining art school was not too difficult that time. Since I didn’t have too much patience or focus, I got creative by creating illustrations without drawing.

I started building things like theatre sets or rainbow dogs on wheels. It didn’t include a paper and a pencil. All these “escapes” made me the artist I am today, a creative working in several styles combined with multiple techniques. 

I love to get inspired by the ideas of a client, so I see them as visuals popping up in my mind, that’s where I decide which style and way of working will fit best. For MARKITDOWN I chose to make digital illustrations to create a flow between the artists and MARKITDOWN.

The reason I joined is, because I got really inspired by the location (The Warehouse in Amsterdam North) and all the creatives together, making one big piece of art. 

Even though I’m working sort of “backstage” to design the graphics (seen on the website, etc.) It feels good to work in a setting like this, because it connects the us as a collective.

That connection is an important theme in my artwork.

I create art to make put a smile on someone’s face or feel a warm spark, and at the same time I want the buyer to be aware of the story behind the art.

When I illustrate an endangered animal for example, I will create a happy and accessible bright animal. This illustration will come with information about the animal, to inform the buyer.

I really believe that if you have the creativity to make people smile, with your art and learn them something at the same time, you can be a teacher in a playful way for all ages.

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