(34 – Paris)

I became a painter because paint is the best medium to express my emotions.

Painting has power, a depth that goes beyond contemplation: it makes you think and feel. It allows me to highlight ordinary things that we don’t pay attention to in everyday life.

I always thought that you had to adopt a strong position or cause to gain consideration as an artist.  

Portret ici.coco

Today I think that the role of a painter can also be very simple: reflect the era in which they create. Always with a vision of course.

I’m inspired by everything that we try not to show or even look at, in our daily lives (unlike the networks where everything seems perfect). The fact that I live in a city like Paris also influences my work in a certain way, because it’s a living city with lots of mixed people, living in limited spaces. Relationships between people is interesting because it’s always conditioned by their relationship to space, to the architecture of the city, closed spaces. We live next to each other without necessarily seeing each other.

Some people live outside, or in tiny apartments with overflowing windows. All this has undoubtedly led me towards an aesthetic of accumulation (perhaps the fact that I am messy). I like my paintings to be crowded. I want the viewer to take the time to understand what they are looking at. Blur the line between figuration and abstraction. 

If I can show little things we generally don't see, maybe people will pay a little more attention to them. This is what I find interesting about the MARKITDOWN approach. It makes an abandoned building visible and revitalizes a forgotten district.