Christina Mastori

(31 - Greek origins - born in the UK - based in Amsterdam)

I create, research, and perform under the nom de guerre somanatomics with site-specific performances and / or moving installations.

Portret ici.coco

My work calls for audience engagement, reflecting on crowd movement behaviour, the paradoxes of public space and social interaction. My purpose is to comment, address and second-guess the reality we live in. What we experience ourselves and how could that influence a stranger on the other side of the world! This immense burst of an almost ceaseless energy fuel. The need to question, learn and question further.

MARKITDOWN started for me by lending a hand for a couple of days. I got absorbed by the people and the process and kept returning! Most artists and creatives at some point seek collaboration or at least a fresh perspective. And, this initiative sets up the structure providing tools, space and creative freedom for artists to bring their work to life alongside others from different backgrounds or styles. Each creating their piece of a larger puzzle.

I find art to be the smoothest way to experience flow. Not the most adrenaline inducing and not the most well paid. But the smoothest. When you use all the energy, thoughts, ideas, sensations, and reflections to create or reshape something that could possibly affect or speak to someone else out there…

You can find me somewhere in the streets of Amsterdam or anywhere for that matter. Hanging from a bench or balancing on a bridge, taking space in an unutilised spot. No confirmed performances but lots of short films and impromptu public space pop ups. Trying to strip down the preconceived perceptions of spaces. Expect to see anything from launderettes turning into spas, to having bake-offs in elevators.