(aka Coco / @ici.coco - France – based in Amsterdam and Mexico)

I’m a multidisciplinary artist. I experiment around colours, materials, and the idea of languages and vocabularies.

Every single sound, smell, image, object or scene that crosses my path becomes an inspiration, a reason to invent a new story, create a new piece.

Portret ici.coco

Curiosity drives me in life and in my art. My projects almost always start from a question. I express myself through colours, composition, and movement.

I want to play, discover, and create every day of my life.

I think art is an opportunity to give yourself what you need: a different perspective on life, a way to learn about yourself, to relax, to disconnect, or reconnect. Either you create or enjoy an escape, a moment of joy, a spark for curiosity.

Art might be my love language. I hope my art sparks curiosity in others, ignites the pull to explore and find joy.

For «Cool Beans» I created a set of 35 shapes, inspired by nature (from the almost invisible to the idea of cosmos). They became my tool, the alphabet I use to create visual stories. I’m fascinated by the unlimited stories I can create with the same 35 shapes, just by changing their colour, scale, material, compositions...

MARKITDOWN gave me the chance to create yet another story, something new, and bigger than anything I ever created. A story that had to exist in space.
It’s amazing when artists are given the chance to challenge their creativity and spread joy and colours around!