(41 – based in Deventer)

Moluccan Artist DOMINIQUE currently resides in Deventer, The Netherlands after living a decade in Amsterdam and New York City.

His Alifuru roots (Indigenous people of the Moluccan Islands), importance him to keep his culture alive to share with the world

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The Alifuru are strongly connected with nature and the spiritual world, where symbols are an important element. Ancient, indigenous signs tell stories like a compass.

DOMINIQUE’s art mesmerizes the audience to decipher these stories and how to apply them in the Now. Educated in Graphic Design, DOMINIQUE has left his footprints at Nike, Patagonia, and other global brands. But his desire to express his emotions on a deeper level continues to develop.

From his studio, creating paintings, jewellery and garments, he stretched the murals from Amsterdam to Curaçao to Bali. Attending European Street Art Festival, Stockholm, he recently participated in ‘In the Presence of Absence’ at Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam (2020) to become an ambassador for the Moluccan Future Foundation.