Dido Kok

(33 - born, raised, and based in Amsterdam)

From the start I was looking forward to meeting new people, co-creating and having fun. 

I am curious what the next MARKITDOWN project will be!

This was so well organised and thought through. They were there every second, made sure all the supplies were there and that everybody was looked after. They created an event for artists to step in on the ground floor and see where the ride takes them. I would recommend joining MARKITDOWN to any artist looking for a unique project, a way to put themselves out there or simply create something out of the box.

Portret ici.coco

While in the process of prepping and painting, a piece kind of brewed up and I got to be a part of creating this wild and amazing mural and floor piece. We covered the walls and the ground, creating a huge outdoor, walk-through and walk-over artwork. 

Even though I am a part of this artwork, I am not an artist. I am creative and I love building and making, especially if that means using my (whole) body instead of mainly my hands. Getting physical is key. I like making things that are either simply aesthetically appealing or practical and appealing, like a table. 

Again, I am not an artist so I can’t speak from a place of deep artistic purpose. What I can say is that I wish to excite people or get them thinking, give them a sense of joy or peace or simply offer functional and aesthetic objects/work.

My drive is wanting to become my truest and my ‘best’ self. I want to keep growing and learning, live from a place of love and passion and share this with the people around me, contributing to a happy and healthy life and a better world.