(32 - born and raised in the heart of Brazil)

I started beatboxing at the age of 7. A big jump forward in time to the day I finished law school. This was also the day where I decided to follow my dream and become a full-time musician (rapper, beatboxer, producer, and beat-maker). 

I moved to Rio de Janeiro, started preforming as a musician in bars and clubs (2016), even before I ever launched a song. In these shows my band and I combined hiphop with live samba and beatbox, which got us invited to do our first tour in Europe (2017). I still mix this in most songs I create today. 

For MARKITDOWN I produced a more underground boom bap track with doses of sax, to meet the look and feel of the location and mural artists. 

MARKITDOWN was a great opportunity, because I really believe that we can create more when we bundle our strengths. So, we can bring people from all over the world together, that make art for people that love art. 
That feeling of community and union is an important drive for me, also in my music. A lot of songs I write are about minorities and the problems the government is creating against them. I want people to understand what is happening in my country and what I’m fighting for. At the same time, I want to share the treasures of Brasil, like in my first album, ‘Brasil Diverso’, launching December 20th of this year.

I think it is the key to continue doing what you love most!

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