(33 - born in Argentina – based in Amsterdam)

I love travelling and learning about different cultures. Being in Amsterdam is a great adventure for me.

Portret ici.coco

I always dedicated time in my life to making art, I started drawing and painting, modelling porcelain or clay, weaving, and designing all kinds of things. I'm a bit eclectic, and I like to try out and learn about different types of art. I did my high school at a technical college, in architecture and design.

MARKITDOWN is an amazing initiative. It gives a new image to industrial spaces by filling them with art and colour, as well as being beneficial for artists by creating a space to express themselves.

These last years I became more mystical and spiritual, and I connected with myself by painting mandalas and galaxies. I have really enjoyed contributing something of my own to this project. I learned a lot and it was an enriching experience for me.