Artur Gierwatowski

(34 - born in Poland – based in Amsterdam)

My first experience with photography was when my sister started to study at the University of Art. Ever since I was a teenager I have been using it as a tool to express and show things around me. 

My family has something to do with who I am now, what I do and how I see things. My grandmother owned a photography studio. My father was painting his whole life, and my sister graduated from art school. I got triggered and started photography when I was 14 years old - I basically knew what I wanted to do since then. 

When I was 19 I started to work for one of the biggest photography agencies in this part of Poland and now I am here, still taking pictures every day.

Photography became my life, because it let me show things only I'm able to see. 

MARKITDOWN is a remarkable project, surprising in its scale, attracting fascinating people and artists.

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