Rowan van der Sterren

(aka Adieje - 26 - Dutch - based in Rotterdam)

About 7 years ago I moved from a small town called Schinveld to the big Harbour City. Growing up in a small village was pleasant, but I needed activity to get creative. Moving to this exciting city really was the kick-start of my artistic practice.

Under the influence of the city’s atmosphere and the constant movement of people through it, I felt a drive to make art.

Portret ici.coco

At first this meant I’d use the inspiration I’d get for drawings or painting which later evolved into putting those drawings back into public spaces. Placing images and creating situations in spaces where it is not expected (and sometimes not allowed) just to give a moment of aesthetic joy (or annoyance) has been a big part of my practice and something I would like to evolve in.

As an artist and teacher, I like to point at something and say; ‘’Hey, look! What do you think about that?’’, and have the viewer make up the rest of the story. I believe public murals are a great place to start those story’s with. My future artistic focus is about taking that and experimenting with this 2D/3D space.

This inspiration is really all thanks to MARKITDOWN as this has been my first ever mural on such a big scale. I appreciate the opportunity and the freedom I’ve felt to experiment and do my own thing. It’s great that there are free-and-easy platforms like MID where young artists can kick it off.

I’m glad to have been part of MARKITDOWN and I can’t wait to get back on some scaffolding again to paint.